The Republic of Estonia is the first country in the world to offer e-ResidencyEveryone has the opportunity to apply for the secure digital identity provided by the Estonian government – to gain secure access to digital services, to get anything and everything done digitally (sign documents, launch and manage companies, do banking, encrypt files, etc.).

An Estonian e-resident is a foreigner for whom Estonia has created a digital identity and issued a digital identity card. The e-Resident’s card is a state-issued digital document that can only be used in the electronic environment in order to identify the person and to give digital signatures.

NB! E-Residency does not provide tax residency, right of residence, or permission to enter Estonia or the European Union. The digital ID of an e-Resident is not a physical identity or travel document and it does not include a photo.

How to apply for e-Residency:

  • The e-Resident’s digital ID can be applied for online.

You can find more information on the application procedure here.