Estonian embassy in Ireland starts a hiking club

On 10 September, the Estonian embassy in Dublin organised a hike to Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains to get to know the local Estonian community.

About 30 people took part, with some coming from Dublin close by, while others took a three-hour drive from County Clare on the western coast. The hike was so successful that the embassy founded a Facebook group for a hiking club in Ireland.

The new ambassador Kairi Künka said the hike was an excellent opportunity to get to know the Estonian community. “It was nice to find out about what Estonians are doing in Ireland. We have people with very interesting professions; for example, the dessert chef Silvi who was already featured in the media, or tailor Tiina who specialises in nun’s habits. We will definitely include the locals in the activities of the embassy whenever we get a chance.”

The embassy plans to guarantee a hike for local Estonians and their friends at least four times a year. Everyone is welcome to join the club on Facebook.