Estonian Ambassador to Ireland Kairi Künka presents her credentials

Today 16 September, Estonian Ambassador Kairi Künka presented her credentials to President of Ireland Michael Daniel Higgins.

In the conversation following the presentation ceremony, Ambassador Künka and President Higgins discussed ways of further advancing relations between Estonia and Ireland. “In addition to bilateral relations, Estonia and Ireland enjoy excellent cooperation in the European Union and international organisations,” Künka said.

They also spoke about supporting Ukraine in standing up to Russia’s aggression. “Just like Estonia, Ireland is firmly standing up for the protection of our shared values and will offer Ukraine every support until Ukraine has won the war, and is ready to help Ukraine with reconstruction,” Künka said.

Künka and Higgins also spoke about energy security in Europe. “Both Estonia and Ireland are maritime countries – why not cooperate on developing renewable energy sources, including wind power technology, which would be a sustainable alternative to traditional energy carriers.”

Kairi Künka graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tartu with distinction. She joined the foreign service in 1992. She has worked at the Estonian embassy in Helsinki and as the director of the Division for International Law and Legislation. From 2017 until her posting to Ireland, she worked as Consul General in New York.